Our company is dedicated to helping communities, especially in the face of such challenges as COVID-19. We understand the impact a crisis has on our families, local communities, society and the economy and the need to act quickly in providing aide and shelter to first responders and all those affected.  *Yes, we are still in full operation at this time (April 2020) and taking full safety precautions.

Our Duo-Suite module was specifically designed on the same design as our permanent structures. Each unit is provided with its own kitchenette (refrigerator, sink and microwave), clothes washer & dryer and full washroom. Thus providing the essentials for comfortable isolation, privacy and dignity. All units are CSA A277 certified, meaning guaranteed to meet Ontario Building Code (OBC). Units start with a size of 320 sq ft and through the addition of other modules, we can easily expand beyond 3200 sq ft, and delivered completely ready for occupancy. Structures are designed for maximum versatility with layouts allowing for uses in addition to housing such as offices, triage centers, storage units, bunk houses, mess halls and much more.

(D) Duo-Suite (NOW Housing)

Health Care
We recognize this is a very difficult time for both hospitals and other care-related facilities. We all depend on to these professionals and are willing to do anything we can to help their efforts. This presents an opportunity for us to band with many communities by making our Duo-Suites, two private units,  available for use. We have reached out to all branches of government, public health, hospitals and are ready to respond as requested. One advantage for hospitals is the ability to temporarily position these units on their property (such as a parking lot) close to medical staff and services, rather than across town in a hotel/motel, which limits staff capabilities. When less units are needed by hospitals, they can be rented, leased or sold to other organizations more regularly in need of temporary housing solutions, such as homeless shelters.

Staying at safe is impossible for those even without homes. We see it as a responsibility to take care of those in our communities and across the country. Our units provide ideal accommodations for those needing a warm bed or a safe space. Our Duo-Suites have been configured to address this market in particular. For years shelters have done everything they can to support the homeless, including paying for hotel room stays, which is a generous short term solution to a problem not going away. Further, non-profit organizations can invest in themselves by own these units, and build equity, all while providing dignity to sensitive members of the community.

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Emergency Housing

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